My father-in-law

Apr. 26th, 2017 08:39 am
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My father-in-law passed away on Monday morning.

He was a kind man. Brilliant, playful, curious, funny, generous, loving — and kind. He loved to laugh and he loved to share, and his love for Amy shone out of him. He was so open to and enthusiastic about anything that made her happy — even if I hadn’t loved him for himself (and I did), I would have loved him for that.

I know he wanted to be remembered for who he was before the last few months of his life. The lively, silly, driven man who raced his small daughter down corridors (feinting the wrong way and giggling as she followed his misdirection), who trekked the world for charity, who took beautiful photographs, loved music, cooked and ate with gusto, and took great pleasure in so many things. But I’ll also remember how, at the end, he kept his kindness and kept his warmth. Every time we visited, I was struck again by how clearly he wanted Amy to feel welcome, to feel loved.

I was so lucky to have him in my life for the last few years. I'm far from the only one who'll be carrying him in my heart from now on.

Daily Happiness

Apr. 26th, 2017 12:13 am
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1. Since my one meeting was yesterday instead of today, I didn't have to get going until a little after noon, and was able to sleep in and just relax this morning, which was nice.

2. Today's meeting was long and pretty boring but we all went to dinner afterwards (paid for by the company) at a fancy restaurant and the food was good and I had a good time. And we were finished around nine, which meant that there was no traffic coming home, whereas if I'd come back right after the meeting, it would have been right smack in the middle of rush hour.

3. Look at this cutie Molly cat!

the last Sámi book says

Apr. 26th, 2017 06:49 am
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Finland, Niilas Holmberg

Vuosttas sámegirjjis lohká
sápmelačča jurdda ii golgga
go leat seainnit ja moskkus oaivval
muhto vár’ alde jos livččii

buđđosan gavjjain
mo dat munges
fihttešin čorget

maŋimus sámegirjjis lohká
vári jurdda ii golgga
go leat seainnit ja moskkus oaivval
The first Sámi book says
thought is slow for a Sámi
when surrounded by walls and overcast
but imagine having a meeting
on a high hill

my understanding
has gathered dust
how could I know
how to clean it

the last Sámi book says
thought is slow for a high hill
when surrounded by walls and overcast
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Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
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Emma Watson on Facing Fear by Putting Work Out and Navigating Social Media.
Bonnie Wright premieres short 'Phone Calls', talks work on first feature-length movie.
Emma Watson discusses 'The Circle' in livechat, new Interview magazine feature.

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
Watch ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Composer James Howard Newton at Work.

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Summary: Voldemort is dead but the war is far from over. Draco, once again, is torn between protecting his family and doing what is right. Secret meetings, conflicting loyalties, and grey morals bring Harry and him together but it’s also what could threaten to tear them apart.

The Things That I Desire by anon at [community profile] dracotops_harry (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 9,7K)
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Dear Les Jours d'Été Writer

Apr. 25th, 2017 11:05 pm
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[letter to come soon]

etc etc etc

Apr. 25th, 2017 09:25 am
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I finally got to see Get Out. I don't want to spoil it at all, but oh my word was it excellent. I thought it was going to zig, and then it zagged. I love when a movie is smarter than I am, that's all I'm saying. I'm still thinking about it. Pretty sure I'm going to buy it when it comes out on DVD, because I want to examine its layers and facets.

Also watched The Handmaiden on Amazon. I wanted to see this one in the cinema. It's based on Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I've never read the book though I do actually own it. I've read Tipping the Velvet and The Night Watch and am not really a fan of hers. Her prose is...elegant, often, but her characters can be dull and interchangeable and her dialogue tends to flabbiness. I suppose I'll read it now, though I suspect that the film was a far more vivid interpretation of the book.

It was set in Korea in the late 1910s, about a con man and a young woman conspiring to swindle a young woman of her fortune by acting as suitor and maid, respectively. It's a lot more complicated than that, with numerous twists and turns, but it's dark and romantic and savage and intensely erotic. The sex is almost entirely f/f, in fact, which was refreshing, but it is based on Sarah Waters, so not surprising if you know her stuff. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was that it was a little male gazey after a while and went on and on and on. I was like, okay, I get it.... I don't know. Maybe if it didn't feel male gazey I would have felt differently about it, but there it is. Otherwise I really liked it, and it was beautifully filmed, no question.

Finished Feud about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Overall, I truly enjoyed it. I thought it could have been compressed into maybe six episodes instead of eight, but otherwise no real complaints. Lange and Sarandon crushed it.

I plan to start Fargo, because Ewan is playing a dual role. One of his characters is decidedly unhot, but yknow.

OH. Also saw Last Days in the Desert where Ewan plays Christ and the Devil, and Ciaran Hinds was in it too. Sounds awesome, right? Ugh it was so boring. It started really promisingly. It was filmed in California, and it was GORGEOUS. Totally believed it could have been the middle Eastern desert. And Ewan did a nice job, and he looked stunning, holy shit, I am so down for hot Jesus, but the movie itself, what a fucking snore. Essentially, it was Christ and the Devil make a bargain over the fate of a desert dwelling family, which, again, sounds cool, but it so wasn't. I think the filmmakers were going for a Terence Malick sort of vibe of quiet contemplation, but I damn near fell asleep every ten minutes. Disappointing. :( But if you can get past that and just enjoy Ewan looking really hot and angsty, then by all means, ENJOY.


I'm about 80% through Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty. It's an excellent read, about a young gay man, an Oxford graduate and Henry James scholar in 80s London. He's not rich, but he's attached himself to an upper-class family [renting a room from them - the son was a uni friend] whose patriarch is an MP and who worships Margaret Thatcher [he and his cronies all call her The Lady], and he keeps company with other rich [but, yknow, vulgar] people like the scion of a grocery-store chain, with whom he does blow in the scion's glossy new Egyptian-themed bathroom and fucks in the upper-class family's French summer-holiday house.

So I haven't read enough Henry James to know whether the book is a deliberate aping of James' work [Turn of the Screw and Portrait of a Lady and I honestly can't remember enough about the latter to tell] but it certainly skewers the upper class, as well as social climbers. Nick, the protagonist, is a climber, desperately glad to be parasitically clinging to the upper classes, but at the same time superciliously observing their antics and uneasily aware that he's not really one of them. It's a sort of pathetic state to be in. The novel's rich with detail and I'm moving through it pretty slowly, for me, because there's a lot to take in and even the minor characters are all worth a close look. Highly recommend.

I also read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, upon which the miniseries was based. It was okay - actually I thought the TV show was better. The book was set in Australia, and it was a quick read. Watch the show instead, it feels way more textured.

I have a shitload of books to read and have no idea what I'm going to pick up next. Maybe Fingersmith - if I'm bored with it I'll have no compunction about chucking it.


I saw a Tumblr post about Marvel's new promotion of a comic series featuring Captain America as a Hydra agent, apparently? I don't know much about it and haven't researched it, but that sounds putrid and vile. Evidently the head of Marvel is a Trump supporter and so this is not a coincidence. Again, I haven't researched this so I don't know if this is true. If it is, that's ugly, and I don't blame people for being upset, because Hydra is a Nazi analogue and always has been, and Captain America is anything but a goddamn Nazi, thank you very much.

Anyway, in the body of the post I saw a criticism of The Man in the High Castle as a glorification of Nazism, and it really upset me.

Now, I thought the show sucked, to be quite honest, and didn't make it past three episodes. The look of it was kind of cheesy to me, and I felt with the exception of Rufus Sewell, the acting was amateurish. But the point of the show - and the originating story - is that the greater evil of fascism is populated by perfectly ordinary people, not leering cartoon villains. If you're upset that Nazis are men and women with families and children and friends, people who laugh and smile and are capable of human emotions like love and affection, then you are dangerously foolish.

Fascism has faces - all kinds of faces, and blind purity politics aren't going to change that for a single moment.


I'm not going to write that on Tumblr because I don't need someone with almost zero life experience telling me what I should be thinking, saying, or doing, but I had to say it somewhere.


I had to get new summer trousers because my weight finally went down again [after last year's goddamn mental health downward spiral and subsequent binge fest] and so I took myself to Good Buys, which is Goodwill's 99 cent store. Everything is 99 cents, which is pretty awesome, and they have a ton of stuff, but you have to dig through all the racks because nothing is separated by size, only color. So it's a slog. I did find a few pairs, so yay. BUT. I also found a gorgeous pair of shoes and a cool handbag. The shoes are a brand called Shoe the Bear and were in perfect condition and are unbelievably comfortable. here's a pic )

I looked them up online, and they were originally priced at $200. Why on earth anyone would get rid of them is beyond me. Anyway, I love them, and they make me feel like Freddy Honeychurch. I always want to dress like Freddy Honeychurch in the summertime. :)

The bag I got is a Margolin Globetrotter. The lines are SO clean. Lambertson Truex still makes bags that look like this. You can see one exactly like it HERE.

Thank Christ for Good Buys, because they are just the shit for trousers and shirts for me any more.

Oh! I got my Sherlock/Ziggy stripe We Can Be Heroes shirt, art by Fox Estacado. It fits great. I'll probably wear it to see U2, maybe to Con*Strict, though I tend not to want to wear t-shirts to Con*Strict because the rooms are just too goddamn cold. Maybe under a blazer.


Yesterday was beautiful on campus, so I took some photos. I'm too lazy to upload to Photobucket though, so you can see some of them [and a gpoy of me] on my tumblr post.

That's one thing I don't care for re. DW - no photo hosting. I'd be willing to pay for that. Also for quick tag links.

I suppose that's it! Heck of a long entry. Have a swell day and night!

Bought a Pack for Backpacking.

Apr. 25th, 2017 06:06 pm
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Oh good, I needed some new madness. Being fair to me, it was a chance to buy a nice $200 backpacking pack for $40. (It’s second-hand but all the wear I saw was cosmetic. It just needs a bath and a few minutes with some strong twine and a needle.)

I got the idea because REI has this program where for $250 they take you backpacking for a weekend, and I looked at that and thought, I’m a cheap asshole but I bet between what I’ve already got and a $250 budget, I can almost completely kit myself out for an entire month of weekends of camping if I so desired. 

$210 to go. Fortunately I have most of the activewear I need, and since I’m only looking at overnighting right now, I won’t need cooking supplies just yet. And my stepdad’s giving me his sleeping bag, so there’s a chunk I won’t have to spend. 

The tent will almost certainly be the only other significant expense, and I can wait a while on that – I have several recon trips planned to the campground before I’ll even be overnighting it. If I get that far this summer, my weekends are filling at an alarming rate. 

But I have my backpack! Now I get to fill it. 

from Tumblr
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Because I was sad, L. invited me out for a drink after work (me, texting L upon entering the place and finding four long-haired bearded guys clustered around the end of the bar while Lynyrd Skynyrd played on the jukebox: "well, this certainly is a bar!" I didn't mean to be snobbish - it was absolutely my kind of hole in the wall place and it had $4 drafts for happy hour - but it was just so hilariously...not what I was expecting in the East Village.) and convinced me to attend a one-person show at The One Festival with her (mainly because it was only 45 minutes long and the subways were a mess).

However, upon getting to the theater, we discovered that there were two shows and the one we were there to see was the second one, so we saw two one-person shows.

The first, "Redemption," was a kind of Social Justice 101 on prison, the likes of which felt very earnest and well-intended but didn't really add anything new to that conversation. I mean, we're talking basically an afterschool special level of nuance. With one guy monologuing intensely at an audience of like 15 people for 45 minutes.

The second show, "What Would Cathy Do?", was about an actress (OR WAS SHE?) who went a little too method and got hooked on heroin. It was funny in a grim way, though again, not particularly new or revelatory, but the actress - Skye Wansey - was spectacular. So at the end, when we had to vote for one show or the other, we both voted for her.

Then we had a rather surreal taxi ride home, where the cab driver twice drove past my block and got huffy when I was like, no, I said 82nd, not 80th and 2nd! I mean, it is possible I messed it up once, and I will take the blame for that, but when he drove past my corner the first time, I paid close attention to make sure I was saying the right thing to direct him correctly on the second attempt, and he STILL drove past the corner again, and then got huffy when I was like, "Just let me out here!" so I could walk two blocks back to the street I actually live on. L. continued on in the cab and made it home without mishap.

Ah me. Still I was exhausted when I got home, which was probably a step up from being sad, and I had a nice time otherwise, so I'll take it.


Today's poem:

by León Salvatierra
(Translated by Javier O. Huerta)

I'm going to say what love signifies
My grandfather said it was the desire of  the I for another I
And since then I began to search for you

My father said the number of  love was seven
Because creation lasted seven days
Seven days making love to its seven nights

I looked for you in each seven that ciphered my life
And I found you slipping away to other numbers

One confuses oneself with one's other self
When two bodies intertwine in bed, three loves
have been in my life, four it will be when you have left
five days that I cannot stand you, six kisses in La Paz Centro
seven years of not finding you, love, show me
from one to a thousand your nights

What is your philosophy of love
you ask me in bed: and I respond
It's not a flower but maybe it is a number. Here, I gift it to you
Hide it between your legs. At the count of two
Make sure that it does not fall: One
Open Sesame. Two
Loves have stepped into your kingdom.


Drabble: Just Like Mum

Apr. 25th, 2017 09:25 am
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Title: Just Like Mum
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Teddy Lupin/Lily Luna Potter.
Challenge: Written for [ profile] hp_nextgen100/[ profile] hp_nextgen100/[community profile] hp_nextgen100's prompt# 116: Polyjuice.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 100 x 4
Warnings: Angst, chan, predatory!Teddy.
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Just Like Mum )

fly-by update

Apr. 25th, 2017 08:06 am
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Sorry I've disappeared over the past week or so — a lot of non-fandom things were demanding my attention (the kid being home for spring break being one, though far from the only). I hope to catch up on reading here today!

Daily Happiness

Apr. 25th, 2017 02:07 am
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1. My meeting with the company president got changed to today instead of tomorrow, which sucks because it was my day off and I had to drive to Gardena and then the person who was scheduled before me ended up going way over, so I had to wait for an hour and a half! But my review went well, and I got my raise, and now it's done with. And at least that means tomorrow I can just go for the afternoon meeting and can have the whole morning off.

2. We went to McDonalds for lunch and they have a new burger. It looks like the sriracha one was discontinued and instead they have a sweet bbq bacon one. I got it with the crispy chicken instead of hamburger and it was soooo good. Honestly probably the best burger I've ever had at McDonalds. (Not a terribly high bar, but it really is good!)

3. I only played Zelda for a bit today, but I did do four more shrines.

4. I posted more manga!

5. I got some super cute pics of Chloe tonight. :)

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Austria, Erich Wolfgang Skwara, 'Springboard and coffin'


Du wachst auf, abrupt, außer Atem.
Hast geträumt von vielem das war und sein wird.
Erwartungen. Plänen. Das war dein Leben bisher
das wird morgen sein in einem Monat in einem Jahr.
Meist kommt es so wie wir glauben.
Nur selten stürzt alles zusammen nur selten bricht
das Unglück auf dich herein oder das Wunder.

Und die Summe des Ganzen die Zwischensumme
solange du lebst träumst erwachst ist das Leben.
Ist dein Leben mehr oder weniger wert
weil du dies und jenes gehabt getan unterlassen hast
es noch haben tun unterschlagen wirst
ist dein Leben nur Wachsein oder auch Schlaf
nur das Geleistete Erreichte Bestandene
oder im gleichen Maß das Versäumte Verfehlte
deine Konkurse deine Feigheit vor dem Augenblick?

Dieser Sprung aus dem Traum ins Grellwache
wund deine Brust deine Augen verklebt nur gut
daß du nichts sagen mußt in deinem Erwachen
keiner erwartet von dir eine Bergpredigt.
Du hättest keine Stimme in dir und keinen Glauben
erinnerst dich in dieser Minute – sie ist alles – an nichts.
Deine Menschen falls es die gab oder nicht gab sind dir fern
du hast sie nicht vergessen das nicht du siehst nur keinen
von deinen Menschen. Du zwingst deine Augen sich zu öffnen
der Himmel ist grau und gleich begehst du den alten Fehler
du beziehst seine Drohung seine Trauer auf dich. Du meinst
dir allein sei die Sonne entzogen dir allein stoße der Tag zu
nicht sanft selten Sanftes. Nein dein wildes Erwachen
eine Kollision ein Unfall – womit mit wem?
Sink zurück in dein Bett aber auch das kannst du nicht
es ist nicht dein Sarg dein Bett ist dein Sprungbrett
hinein in alles was weh tut was Lust bringt in dieser Folge.
Dein Bett nicht dein Sarg reib dir den Sand aus den Augen.
Werde wach gerade weil es dir schwer fällt.


You wake up, abruptly, breathlessly.
You dreamed of much that was and will be.
Expectations. Plans. That was your life so far
that will be tomorrow in a month in a year.
It mostly turns out the way we believe.
Only rarely does it all break down only rarely does
misfortune befall you or a miracle.

And the total of it all, the subtotal,
as long as you live, dream, wake up, is a life.
Is your life worth more or worth less
because you had, did, didn’t do this and that,
because you still have, still do, still forgo it?
Is your life only being awake or also being asleep?
Only what’s been accomplished, achieved, surmounted
or in equal measure what’s been missed, failed at,
your breakdowns, your cowardice in the face of the moment?

This leap out of the dream into dazzled waking,
your chest is sore, your eyelids glued shut, how lucky
that you must not speak in this your awakening,
no one expects from you a sermon on the mount.
There would be no voice within you.
You remember in this very minute – which is everything – strictly nothing.
Your fellow humans, whether they ever did exist or not, are far from you.
You haven’t forgotten them, no way, they are just not around,
your fellow humans. You force your eyes to open up:
the sky is gray and instantly you fall for the old mistake
to refer its threat, its mourning, to yourself. You think
the sun withdrew from you alone, the day befalls you alone,
not gently, gentleness is rare. No, your wild awakening
a collision, an accident – with what, with whom?
Sink back in your bed, but you can’t even do that
it is not your coffin your bed is your springboard
into all that brings pain, that brings pleasure, in that order.
Your bed, not your coffin, rub the sand from your eyes,
Wake up precisely because it’s hard for you.

More information:

[Banner & Wallpaper] A Little Problem

Apr. 24th, 2017 11:20 pm
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Title: A Little Problem
Rating: G
Characters: Jason, Pythagoras, Hercules
Fandom: Atlantis BBC
Notes: Art made for the fic 'A Little Probme' by [ profile] yassandra4 for the 2017 [ profile] smallfandombang
A Little Problem... )
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In response to [personal profile] hannelore regarding King of Serpents (The Scrapbook Remix) (Harry Potter, Tom Riddle Jr., written 2012):

2. What scene did you first put down?

This is a tricky one to answer! I remember really struggling with this remix early on. I printed out a copy of the original story and marked it up, highlighting sections, drawing arrows, scribbling notes, trying to find an entry point where I could insert the end of a crowbar and flip the story into something of my own. I made a lot of false starts while figuring out what I wanted to do with this one.

I finally went with re-envisioning Tom Riddle's lost toad Baldric as Salazar Slytherin's lost son Baldric, and so the first scene I wrote down that survived to the final draft was that section.

Item: A sheet of parchment containing a transcription of a fragment attributed to Baldric, son of Salazar.

[...] was not always thus. I was a small boy who misadventured as any other and I was often lost in those labyrinthine hallways. My father told me once that when I had three summers, I wandered from my nursemaid and in error insinuated myself into a gap in the foundation. All were in a windstorm, for strange creatures grow in the darkness where magic washes away into water under the castle.

My father climbed himself down into the waterways. This was quite out of character, for he was a fastidious man naturally. He feared that the water had carried me away or that the rats had got to me, for they grew to the size of dogs in that place. However, in the deepest chamber he found me. I slept there, as at my mother’s breast. I was safe, enveloped in the embrace of his familiar, the Little King.

3. What's your favorite line of narration?

I'm rather fond of: At the orphanage, he knew every key and every cupboard, and every loose floorboard under which the unimaginative hid their uninteresting secrets.

Scanlations: Fulldrum ch. 2

Apr. 24th, 2017 08:22 pm
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Title: Fulldrum
Author: Hakoishi Toru
Publisher: Young Jump
Category: Seinen
Genre: Humor, Sports
Status in Japan: 1 volume, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + Anima Regia
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Hino is obsessed with playing sports in high school, but not because he loves sports (he doesn't), or is any good at them (he's really not). He's doing it because that's the way to get a girlfriend (or so he thinks). After getting kicked out of half his school's sports clubs, he's still convinced he just hasn't found the sport he's truly destined for. When he (literally) runs into Noborito Ayako, manager of the rubgy club, it's love at first sight (for him), but all she's looking for is another warm body for the struggling rugby club. Could this be the chance he's been waiting for?

Chapter Summary: Hino's first rugby practice is not what he was expecting.

Chapter 2: Sunshine After Rain


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