Mar. 27th, 2014

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First off, a favor to ask. Is anyone available to beta read a short-ish femslash fic over the next few days? I'm more than happy to return the favor.

Funny and true. For anyone who's ever struggled to use powerpoint intelligently or despaired of genuine communication during a powerpoint presentation: PowerPointless: Digital slideshows are the scourge of higher education. (Trust me, it's relevant, even if you're not in higher education.)

Tech woes. In a bizarre turn of events, the custom friends group links on my links list on LJ no longer work. And recently I can't use Firefox to access Netflix or to log onto public wifi that includes going through an accept-these-conditions page--only Safari works. I'm pretty certain there's a solution to this latter problem that I'm unable to discern because my tech skills are so sketchy.

ETA: Also, my computer has crashed three times while I typed up this post. I thought macs didn't do that.

Buy buy buy. I'm loathe to admit it, but I was at the opening of a new Trader Joe's in the neighborhood last week. Don't believe me when I say I'm a critic of excessive US consumerism. I'm just not not owning up to my true feelings about chocolate-covered pretzels or admitting the lengths to which I'll go to get them.

Love. Finally, the highlight of the week for me: the lovely [ profile] codeswitch has made podfic of two of my stories, A Toast to Lord Voldemort and Marginalia, complete with *amazing* cover art )

I hadn't re-read either of these in ages, and it was so much fun to listen to them again! Hearing is such a profoundly different experience from reading. If you listen to either (or enjoy the cover art a fraction as much as I did), leave codeswitch a comment to let her know?


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