Jun. 9th, 2014

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The flist was so helpful last week that I'm posting again with a question for the savvier-than-me (and I'm sure that means most of you): if I were to shop for the cheapest possible option for something portable to use to listen to podfic or podcasts while walking, what would my best options be? I don't have an iPhone (or smartphone of any sort). Is it an iPod shuffle? Is there a non-Apple option? What should I be looking for?

Other random items:

* On an exercise-related note, would anyone be interested in checking in this summer over at [livejournal.com profile] game_is_on? A weekly thing for June, July, and August, perhaps? Diet, exercise, healthy habits, whatever you're working on. Hm. Perhaps I should post over there. ETA: Done! Stop by if you're up for it.

* Via the Guardian, a quiz: Can you identify a book from its map? which reproduces maps (and plans) of literary locations and asks you whether you're familiar with the territory. I was not; only five of the ten were familiar to me. But fun, nevertheless.

* On a related literary note, an article that includes a brief list of the texts that Junot Diaz uses in a college class on world building, along with other Diaz comments on diversity in writing programs: Inside Junot Diaz's class at MIT. (Caveat: I know nothing about Diaz or the teaching of fiction writing, but I'm interested to see any list of texts notable for their world building.) What would you add here?

By the way, both citrus peels and baking soda have been tried in the garbage disposal with excellent results. (I need to buy some ice trays to try that final option, but that's next.) Thanks, all!


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