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I'm at home in bed today with a stomach bug and am feeling *just* well enough to infect the flist with memes. (Not well enough to grade, of course.)

Here's one from Tumblr, which in true Tumblr fashion asks right off about your height, sexual orientation, and ethnic background (does this make me old, feeling reluctant to share personal information right off the bat? Or even considering that information personal?) and then becomes extremely polite, lobbing softballs like "Your favorite animal?"

Rules: Answer the questions, tag 20 people. (I don’t know 20 of you, so consider yourself tagged if you’d like!)

Name: NotQuitePetworth here on Tumblr, magnetic_pole over on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, and AO3

Nicknames: I suppose I should have one, hm? Over on LJ I'm Mag, but this one doesn’t abbreviate well. NQP? Petworth?

Zodiac Sign: Rat

Height: 5'8″ (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

Orientation: South. Lovely, lots of light in my apartment throughout the day. In my last apartment, I faced east, which made for painfully early mornings but gorgeous sunsets.

Ethnicity: A social category describing a group of people with a shared culture, language, or background. Plural: ethnicities

My Favorite Disclaimer: “Draft--do not circulate.” I put it on my all my conference papers. In plain English it means “Dodgy reasoning and fewer footnotes than it should have. Circulate, but don’t blame me if you’re not satisfied; no one ever said conference papers had to be publishable.”

Favorite Fruit: Oranges Are Not the Only.

Favorite Season: (ing) Curry!

Favorite Book Series: Historical Studies of Urban America, University of Chicago Press

Book Recommendation: Absolutely! Everyone’s into digital these days, but I’m old fashioned that way. Yes to books!

Favorite Scent: Laundry (clean)

Favorite Color: From the Kieślowski series? Blue.

Favorite Animal: Jacob, a very mellow husky-border collie mix. We hang out sometimes when his family’s out of town.

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa: Yes, please! With soy creamer in the case of the first two

Average Sleep Hours: In laboratory conditions: 9. During the actual work week: 7 1/2, if I’m lucky. On the weekend: 10 1/2, with added lounging at either end.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Severus Snape. Dolores Umbridge. Annalise Keating. Kalinda Sharma. Diane Lockhart. Omar Little. Salieri (Amadeus). Celie (Color Purple). Joan Watson (Elementary). Sherlock Holmes (all versions). Not the ones I’d want to spend time with, not even the ones I’d write fic about--just the ones that are most vivid and memorable right now.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: This time of year I start with two but generally end with one. The floor stays warm.

Dream Trip: Any! Are you offering one?

Blog Created: Because the old one got overwhelming. (Too many work-related sites, causing stress.) This one’s just for fun.

Number of Followers: >1, but not by much

The second one, borrowed from a number of you, thank you, seems to be composed by a US resident whose idea of the adventurous life is a little more expansive than mine. Had I not broken my elbow that one time, the answer to almost everything would have been "no." Well, I do travel quite a bit. And eat sushi. But otherwise, I think the meme-writer would be quite disappointed.

Tattoos - none
Surgeries - one, for a shattered elbow (leaving me with about 20 pins and screws still in, though no corresponding superpowers)
Broken Bones - elbow, as above, and a broken arm from playing on the monkey bars in elementary school
Shot a gun - no
Quit a job - yes (unless this is meant to imply that you walked off in a huff? In which case, no)
Flown on a plane - several times a year
Driven 100 miles per hour - no
Ridden in a helicopter - no
Gone zip lining - uh, no
Watched someone give birth - no
Watched someone dying - no
Been to a National Football League game or its European equivalent - no
Been to Canada - yes: Vancouver, Montreal several times, and Quebec
Ridden in an ambulance - no
Visited Washington D.C. - live here
Visited Florida - twice, to the suburban Orlando area
Visited Colorado - once, to Denver
Visited Mexico - yes, to the amazing Mexico City
Visited Vegas - several times--it's more of a family destination for nearby folks than you might expect--lots of buffets and pools
Eaten alone at a restaurant - yes, many times, though I remember my mother once, at forty-something, close to my age now, saying she never had, which always reminds me how different our lives have been
Sang karaoke - no
Been downhill skiing - once, in high school, and I nearly lost my glasses. Which would have nipped that hobby in the bud immediately had fear of progressing beyond the bunny slope not also done the trick
Ability to read music - a bit
Ridden a motorcycle - no
Ridden a horse - no
Stayed in a hospital - once, for the surgery above (and thank goodness for good health, universe)
Donated blood - yes
Slept outside - lots of camping with my family when I was little
Driven a stick shift - no
Ridden in a Police Car - no
Driven a Boat - no
Eaten Escargot - yes
Seen a UFO - no
Been on a cruise - no
Run out of gas - no
Eaten Sushi - yes
Seen a Ghost - only figuratively

Date: 2017-03-21 11:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] out_there
South. Lovely, lots of light in my apartment throughout the day.

You know, that always throws me. Here in the southern hemisphere I'm used to automatically thinking of North as the sunny side, and South as the shady side, but that's flipped for you guys.

From the Kieślowski series? Blue.



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