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Last week [ profile] write_out tagged me to post ten things that were making me happy, and, deep in the midst of my self-indulgent spring-semster doldrums, I was stumped--could I think of ten things that were currently making me happy? And then my router broke, and I wasn’t able to get online much at all for a few days, and a proper sense of perspective was restored. Wifi makes me happy! That’s one, at least. :)

But equally happy-making is the DC Eagle Cam, which is aimed at a pair of adult bald eagles in the National Arboretum who are raising two eaglets, hatched March 29 and March 30. These little puffballs are going to become majestic, intimidating predators in just a few months. It’s amazing. You can watch their hatching videos at the site or just check in to see how they’re doing...and what new unfortunate animal’s been brought to the nest for food. (Today it’s a fish; a few days ago it was a duck.) Enjoy!

What's making you happy these days, flist?

Date: 2017-04-04 04:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] out_there

S3 of the Librarians.

Food. Specifically, last night's steak and today's greek yogurt with passionfruit.

Candy Crush because I am easily amused.

Sunshine. Blue skies. The way that the rest of this week has suddenly remembered it's autumn, not winter yet.

The thought of taking a holiday this winter and escaping somewhere warm.

The thought of seeing the new PoTC movie when it comes out in May.

The possibility of seeing David Boreanaz at the end of April, if I get myself organised enough to go to Supanova.

The long weekend coming up in only two weeks.

School holidays, and the lack of morning traffic that entails, and the way I can be late leaving home and still get to the office on time.

My dogs, one of whom is an excellent ratter (mouser, maybe?) and killed the mouse that's been sneaking into the pantry. I don't know which one of them did it, but all three are getting treats for it.

Huh. There are a lot of little things that make me happy at the moment, despite, well, the rest of life.

Date: 2017-04-13 04:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] out_there
Given that I have had such a stressy, lousy day -- not helped by the huge bowl of chocolate eggs in the kitchen that I'm resisting -- this response was well-timed.

The Librarians?!? I learn so much from fandom. At first I assumed it was a reality tv show about actual public-library librarians (which either would have been dull and terrible or joyous and geeky and very, very wonderful), but I see it's a fantasy series based on films? There's always something new to try.

There is a "The Librarians" sitcom in Australia -- think The Office style of cringe comedy, or maybe Parks and Recreations might be closer -- but the geeky fun one is... hmmm. Think Warehouse 13. Semi-magical collection of a few people collecting artifacts with magical powers to protect the world from magic. It's a lot of fun, even if I mostly started watching it for Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel the Series) but it also has Rebecca Romijn (Mystique from teh first X-Men films) who is a stunningly attractive military type in this. But the rest of the cast are very watchable too.

I think the stories actually start with the made-for-TV movies (three of them) -- which, huh, does have Noah Wyle as The Librarian -- and then there's the series where Noah tends to be there for some episodes, and then off on his own for a bit. It's actually a lot of fun and quite imaginative for a series (and one of those ones where you can watch from a place of emotional safety where you know nothing too dark will happen). If you're in the mood for light escapism, it's lovely.


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