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Title: Sentimental Journey
Rating: G
Pairing: Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey
Word count: 2300
Summary: Even after fifty years, there are stories to tell one another. Minerva and Poppy take a leisurely stroll down memory lane.
Original story/artwork, creator, and link: Sentimental Fool by [personal profile] mindabbles, originally posted at [profile] femslash_remix.

Aunt Kate always said that whiskey was the only reason to go into the village, and she couldn't think of any reason to venture past the village at all. )
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Title: Inheritance
Characters: Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, Sirius Black, Severus Snape, portrait!Walburga Black
Rating: PG for adult themes
Word Count: 3500
Summary: Seven short stories about the legacy of Walburga Black
Notes: Written for [ profile] purplefluffycat at [ profile] hoggywartyxmas and originally posted here. Thanks to sterling betas [ profile] therealsnape, [ profile] coyotegoth, and [personal profile] glass_icarus!

'You don't cast off a family like an outworn robe,' I said. 'Oh, yes, you can,' Sirius said darkly. 'And if you're especially clever, you'll do it before they do it to you.' )
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Reveals have gone up at [community profile] hoggywartyxmas! This has been the mostly enjoyable fest, with lots of comments and holiday cheer and unexpected characters and pairings. Every single story has been a delight. The overall quality was so strong that I'm not even going to say that I have favorites, but here are few memorable fics. I've been in a quiet and pensive mood lately, and these are five quiet, lovely, insightful stories that I've enjoyed over the past two weeks. Click here for the master list of 26 stories (and one art post), including quite a few zany or funny or romantic fics just as wonderful as these.

(Finding) Life After Voldemort, by [ profile] r_grayjoy
Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Pomona Sprout, Alastor Moody, Remus Lupin, Lily Potter, Eileen Snape; rated PG-13; 3500 words
A series of not-so-unrelated moments in the lives of several not-so-unconnected individuals.
A fic about reconciliation, friendship, and romance. Gentle and perceptive.

Spinsters on a Sunday Morning by [ profile] tetleythesecond
Irma Pince/Minerva McGonagall, with a journalist reluctantly sticking her nose in; rated light R; 7250 words
The headmistress is retiring, and Rita Skeeter is sent to interview her. Oh, how she looks forward to that.
A beautiful, beautiful story about our public and private selves and the various ways in which (queer) people negotiate the public and private natures of relationships.

Love Accidentally by [ profile] atdelphi
Neville Longbottom, Kingsley Shacklebolt/Gilderoy Lockhart, Dudley Dursley/Millicent Bulstrode, Aberforth Dumbledore, Horace Slughorn/Argus Filch, Augusta Longbottom/Pomona Sprout; rated general; 2800 words
On a quest to find the perfect gift for his grandmother, Neville inadvertently spreads some Christmas cheer and romance.
A celebration of the spark between unlikely couples. Lovely.

A Magic Beyond Everything We Do Here by [ profile] minervas_eule
Charity Burbage and various Hogwarts professors; rated G; 1200 words
It is Charity's first Christmas Dinner as a young Professor with her colleagues and to her surprise her expertise is sought after.
A very brief, charming, heartfelt fic about the parallels between magic and music.

A Double-Edged Sword by [ profile] an_fhanai
Minerva McGonagall, Ariana and Aberforth Dumbledore, mentions of Luna Lovegood; rated light R; 3200 words
Albus has long avoided certain memories, but eventually all things must be faced.
A fic about the changing perspective that distance offer us. Catches Dumbledore's ruminating, sentimental mood perfectly.

And a few from Yuletide (Fandoms: My Beautiful Laundrette/Bend It Like Beckham, the Betsy-Tacy books, Community/tv series) )
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A quick and belated rec for my gift over at [ profile] hoggwartyxmas before tomorrow's reveals. I was delighted to receive a beautifully written, thoughtful, and slyly humorous after-the-final-battle fic, (Finding) Life After Voldemort, (Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Pomona Sprout, Alastor Moody, Remus Lupin, Lily Potter, Eileen Snape, various background pairings, PG-13, 3500 words) Five pairs of characters--some likely, some unlikely--chart out what their lives will be like in a post-war world.

This is precisely the kind of fic I love most, one with realistically sketched, adult characters who are struggling to connect with one another and find their way in the face of adversity or change. Some of the conversations are missing-chapter conversations we know *must* have happened (Minerva confronting Snape after the last battle and finally talking about his loyalties) and some are the kind of unexpected meta-commentary that's only possible in fanfic (Eileen shoving Remus out of the afterlife to help take care of her son and reconciling--in her brusque, roundabout way--with Severus' old friend Lily). Read and enjoy! I can't wait to find out who wrote this gentle and intelligent story.
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Title: Coward
Characters: Minerva, Severus, Remus, Dumbledore, Eileen
Word count and rating: 850 words, G
Notes: For [personal profile] bethbethbeth, a belated birthday ficlet. Various lines taken from the Book-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.

The day Severus Snape flew out the window was the day Minerva McGonagall almost lost her faith.  )
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Title: Walk a Mile
Characters: Tonks/Fleur
Word count and rating: 800 words, G
Notes: For [personal profile] mindabbles, a story about a weekend ramble in Diagon Alley, a sundae, and an apology.

The plan had been your idea, but it hadn’t taken much to convince her. )

On a completely different note, rs_small_gifts sign-ups begin Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern time!
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Going on right now: The Bechdel Test Comment Fic-A-Thon! Multi-fandom, femslash and gen comment fic in which there are:

1. About at least two women
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

The unfilled HP prompts are here.

More Minerva Fest!

And coming up this Saturday: Sign-ups for the fifth annual r/s small gifts! Leave your prompts on October 16th, and return to claim on October 30th.
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* [profile] rs_small_gifts returns for a fifth year! *drumroll* Whether you're actively involved in R/S right now or you're ready to rediscover an old (first?) love, this is the friendly, low-key, low-pressure short-fic and drawble exchange for you.

Sign ups: Saturday, October 16
Claiming begins: Saturday, October 30
Gifts due: Tuesday, November 30
Posting begins: Wednesday, December 1

* Over at [profile] lgbtq_recs, we're on hiatus for October and reading A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend, a YA novel by Emily Horner recced by [personal profile] liseuse this summer. Track down the book and join us for discussion, starting November 1.

* [community profile] minerva_fest begins tomorrow, on the venerable headmistress' 85th birthday. Celebratory biscuit? No? Take one anyway, and enjoy the fest.

* I have an invitation for the Archive of Our Own, if anyone would like to start archiving their fic there. Leave a comment if you'd like it.

* Finally, a quick rec: a beautiful, subtle story about Dudley Dursley coming of age, Hand in Glove by [personal profile] miss_morland (Dudley/Goyle, 6000 words, NC-17). Summary: Thinking back later, Dudley supposed it had taken a long time for him to realise just why he enjoyed boxing so much. No one does understated realism quite like [personal profile] miss_morland; this is a beautiful, quiet fic that takes Dudley seriously, fleshing out a character whose development is just hinted at in canon. The boxing theme is perfect, a wonderful, worldly, physical way to illuminate a character whose actions are clearer to him than his own motivations.
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* The better half and I are back in our tiny college town in New England after a summer in the big city, and I can hardly believe it's all over. In a fit of enthusiasm for foods not available at our local grocery store (or extremely expensive here), we shopped up a storm and took home no fewer than twenty-four bags. (Which, of course, included clothes and my books and files, but still.) Among our treasured acquisitions: cinnamon and chocolate babkas (mmm!), oyster and hoisin sauce, tofu (why tofu is as expensive as steak here, I don't know), curry paste, mole, and digestive biscuits (from Chinatown, where they cost a fraction of what they sell for in British food stores).

What do you think, flist? Are there any foods you like so much you buy them when you travel or have friends send them to you?

* On the fannish side of things: two short HP fics I've enjoyed this week: the and yes i said yes i will yes by [personal profile] honey_wheeler (Weasleys; PG-13, 6100 words). Summary: Love, life, death, and Weasleys. Nuanced and beautifully written. Also the snippet a little silhouetto of a man by [personal profile] girl_tarte (Lupin/Snape, PG-13, 2000 words). Summary: some shit is about to go down in the shrieking shack. All the sensual detail and psychology that never made it into canon.

* Also, we're discussing Trembling Before G-d this week at lgbtq_recs-- come join us!

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