Aug. 27th, 2010 11:32 am
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* [personal profile] via_ostiense/[livejournal.com profile] jaebi_lit has recorded my Sherlock character fic Good to Know (John, Sherlock, gen, 14:00 min) as a podfic! Summary: If Sherlock didn't make a mistake every once in a while, he wouldn’t learn anything unexpected. (Link takes you to the DW audiofic archive [community profile] amplificathon) Thanks so much, [personal profile] via_ostiense!

* While you're there, you might also be interested in downloading another of her podfics, Other Things To Do After Buying A Cat (Sally Donovan/Molly Hooper, teen, 17:00 min.) by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl. Summary: It starts because of Sherlock (most things seem to). It's up to them to make it come to more than that. This is a thoroughly charming fic, recced here already, that also attempts to address some of the gender issues of the show. Enjoy!

* And a quick, non-podfic rec: [personal profile] sophinisba has written Saving Face fic: Who Taught You How To Fall (Vivian/Wil, 2850 words, R) Summary: Vivian notices that Wil dislikes hanging out at the dance studio. Enjoy this one, too!

Heh. It occurs to me that I should have a tag "omg lesbians!" for dyke-centric posts like this one. It pleases me to no end that I have three lesbian-related items for you.
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Title: Good To Know
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson (BBC version)
Word count: 1600
Rating: G
Summary: If he didn't make a mistake every once in a while, he wouldn’t learn anything unexpected.
AN: Is it possible to write preemptive fix-it fic? Quick and unbeta'd.

Contrary to popular belief, Sherlock Holmes enjoyed being wrong occasionally. )


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