Aug. 20th, 2014

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* As part of my current regime of more-healthy living (aided and abetted by the good folks over at [ profile] game_is_on, THANK YOU, FOLKS), I've been trying to switch from regular coffee to decaf. The catch? It's surprisingly hard to get. Two of my three grocery options don't stock decaf beans at all, and the local cafes usually make only one pot that's gone by mid morning. I can and do ask for a decaf Americano, but even that's met with some eye-rolling. Is decaf no longer a thing? Is it just my young, slightly trendy neighborhood? When did this happen?

* I enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes conference Gridlock DC last weekend. I've never been to a con, but this was close to home and easy to get to. There were some great panel discussions, including one on women in Sherlock (well, the panel was on women in all adaptations, but the conversation focused on the BBC production) which cast Janine as the Irene Adler that Irene Adler didn't get to be (fascinating!) and a thoughtful paper on character development in the BBC Sherlock using themes and ideas from Harry Potter by [ profile] drinkingcocoa, who's posted it over at her journal if you're interested in reading. (I highly recommend it, especially for its lyrical thoughts on boredom's meanings.) I was fascinated by the mix of younger folks who've clearly come to Sherlock Holmes through the movies and tv show and Tumblr and older folks who attend Sherlockian societies in the area and participate in a very different kind of fandom. It was great to see both groups interacting on the same panels and checking each other out, surreptitiously, in the hallways.

I also spent a couple hours walking around Old Town Alexandria, and I'd forgotten how lovely it is. (I didn't bring my camera, but you can get a sense of what it's like over at google images.) Even the modern buildings speak the architectural language of the eighteenth century. As a metropolitan region, DC's more similar to the sunbelt successes of the twentieth century than the older East Coast cities, but it still has neighborhoods like this.

There's a cute postcard that came with the registration packet with some Sherlock fanart--would anyone like it? Just say so in comments, and I'll PM you for your address.

* The better half is out of town this week for work, and I've got the house to myself, which means there are books everywhere. I don't even know why this is--our apartment's not that big, and usually it's important to me to keep the place tidy so there's somewhere to sit and eat. Is there anything you do at home when your family's not around, when the house is all yours?


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