Sep. 3rd, 2014

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First and most importantly, a happy, happy birthday to [ profile] minervas_eule!

A photo of a local performance venue for you... )

* We've had temps in the lower 90s F / mid 30s C here for the past few days, with high humidity and late-afternoon thunderstorms. It's been much more August-y than August itself was. We've also had three false alarm fire alarms in the past week--related, perhaps?

* Excited to see [ profile] hoggywartyxmas back again! This event always reminds me just how deftly and vividly the school staff at Hogwarts is characterized--we don't even need the kids to have fun. (Not that we don't love the students, of course.) More information about the holiday party over here.

* Also excited to see [ profile] reading221b, a reading club for Sherlock fic, starting up. They've got a poll open for a few hours more, if you want to have a say in which stories will feature in the first round. (And there's a category for ACD fics, if that's more your style.)

* [ profile] game_is_on, our choose-your-own-adventure healthy living game, has wrapped up its second summer round. Want to join us in the fall? Sign up over here to join us for upcoming rounds starting Monday, September 8.


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