Sep. 24th, 2014

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Shana tova to those celebrating the new year today!

A few tiny events that have thrown me off course this past week:

* After four solid months of really lovely summer weather, fall is here. I woke up last night feeling uncomfortable and disoriented, and it took me a few minutes to remember that's what it feels like to be a bit too cold at night. It's raining right now, with a definite chill in the air. Blankets come out this evening.

* My commuter train actually missed a stop last week. I was on the way home, and the train doesn't always make every stop during the evening rush hour, but as I was looking out the window, I watched a familiar station fly by. "Odd," I thought, "usually we--" and then the train slowed, and the cars filled with the smell of brake fluid, and we paused for three or four minutes before slowly backing into the station.

* I have one very old e-mail account for which I use a very old password I've never changed. (I know, I know.) Suddenly, this past week, after ten or twelve years, I can't type the password correctly--I go too quickly, or I miss a key. The universe telling me to change my damn password already, I'm sure.

Any tiny oddities in your life, flist?

ETA: Do you remember my frustration with the smoker next door? We've outlasted her! Turns out she was a doctor on a year-long rotation and has moved onto a new location. Just in case you were still on the edge of your seat after all these months...


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