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[personal profile] lash_larue pointed out the other day that if we don't keep the home fires burning it's bound to get awfully cold 'round here, and L's comment hit home, especially because I love reading all of your posts but haven't been contributing myself much lately. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to post once a week throughout the grey winter months, at least until my spring break in mid-March. Which makes fifteen posts in total. Enough to bore you folks, I'm sure. In a good way.

Anyone want to join me?

Okay. That was almost nonsensical, it was so bizarre. Beautifully acted, beautifully filmed, moody, thematic, but really unsatisfying as a story. And I'm the type who's normally willing to forgive a lot on the plot front for atmosphere and emotion.

On the bright side, though, some excellent performances by London buildings. I haven't looked online to identify everything, but a couple prominent landmarks made an appearance:

* Terry Farrell's postmodern landmark at 85 Vauxhall Cross, Vauxhall, Lambeth
(Gah! Postmodernism's making a comeback, I can sense it. This building almost looked good these past few episodes.)
* The incomparable Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, by Neave Brown
(I hope this estate gets filming fees; it's an incredibly cinematic space, and it shows up everywhere.)
* A postwar church, St Paul's Lorrimore Square, Southwark
(A quiet actor in this series, understated.)

Anyone recognize anything else? I'd love to know what house they used as Scottie's.

I'm curious to hear what you thought of the show! (I know I'm the only one obsessing about the architecture.)

Date: 2015-12-08 02:42 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] venturous
I'm smitten - have watched halfway thru e04 - now I have e05 I have to catch up. more later...

Date: 2015-12-08 10:17 pm (UTC)
king_touchy: Reflection of Oldman's Smiley in Guillam's car (who watches the watchers)
From: [personal profile] king_touchy
I kind of love a show that is a hot mess, and going by the fannish reviews I've seen so far (and how I experienced it), London Spy was a mixed bag of Shake-N-Bake proportions. Makes for great fic-writing opportunities, though, and many fan writers can spin shit into roses. I'm looking forward to that.

Oh, and I loved the music.

Date: 2015-12-08 11:05 pm (UTC)
liseuse: (british)
From: [personal profile] liseuse
Hello! (I owe you an email, I know! I will reply. I ... am a failboat.)

I've been watching and despite it being a hot mess I have been entranced. I think it's because it's directed by the same people who directed The Bridge (Bron/Broen) and I love the visual style of it. I mean, the plot makes zero sense but it's beautifully shot and gorgeous to watch. And I did adore being able to go "I know someone who lived there!" when the Alexandra Road Estate turned up.

Date: 2015-12-09 02:58 am (UTC)
semielliptical: golden door in a wall (door)
From: [personal profile] semielliptical
So you made me curious enough to finally look up the show to see what it's about...I'm not sure I'm much wiser now!

Date: 2015-12-09 05:38 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] venturous
HOMG just finished Ep 5, and indeed, what a beautiful mess. But I am now officially in love with Charlotte Rampling (recent NYT article here, the deal was sealed with her little smiles in the car.

Plot Preposterousness: 11 on a scale of 10?
I was going along wwith it all until a) they took out Scottie. It really pisses me off when a show makes me love someone that much, then kills them.grrrr b) those 200 drafts Danny mailed out got returned with blank pages. huh? and c)Mummy Dearest put her own son in a box. OY! oh, and then there's the annoying loose ends and red herrings....

However: we shall give 11 stars for the following:
1) so much beautiful emo Whishaw 2)hot, sweet gay love- the sexy kind and the soul kind. 3)beautiful moody london in so many guises - creepy, cool, slick, gritty, posh, day and night 4)Broadbent and Rampling 5)wading in the thames. this should be in the above section, because last time I tried it the clay sucked my shoes off, but it was lovely.

Yes, let the fandom fix it. there's already a rash of 'make the boys have a happy past' fic up. Looking forward to some more inventive takes on the whole thing.

One more thing: I think Alex's research was interesting,somewhat plausible. and they as much as hint that MI6 is already using it.

So, enjoyable considering the lovebirds only had a tiny bit of screen time.


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