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I spoke too quickly about things easing up at school, unfortunately. It might just be one of those semesters. So let's talk about other things and focus on the positive.

* I got a long, newsy, handwritten letter in the mail last week! I'd almost forgotten how lovely it is to communicate in this tangible way and to find something personal in the mail box.

* I visited my brother and sister-in-law and the two nephews (ages 4 and 7) last weekend and have apparently passed on some bad habits: the 4YO now declares that he "has to do a little work" in his high-pitched little 4YO voice and then goes to his desk and scribbles on a post-it until he can't fit any more scribbling. Clearly, I need to stop saying that (and also need to remedy the underlying problem), but really: could that be any sweeter? Watching him reminded me of the magic that adult life holds for kids.

* The grocery store has had clementines on sale for several weeks now (YAY!), and I've been buying a bag to bring to class and share with the students on days I feel particularly cranky. Fruit makes everything better.

Also: am I the only one who thinks clementines are tastier than oranges? I can hardly eat oranges (they're too tart), but the little clementines are just right.

* I'm home alone for a few days while the better half is on a work trip, and I'm appreciating the silence--that deep kind of silence that allows you to hear the thrum of the refrigerator and the distant sounds of people out on the street.

How are you, flist?

Date: 2016-02-26 12:01 am (UTC)
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Your nephew sounds adorable! It's such fun (or sometimes frightening) to realize that kids are paying attention to the little things we do.

I love clementine, and yes, I think they are usually better than oranges. I bring them to work now and then, too, I feel like it's a good balance to all of the sugary treats that are usually shared. (Not that there's anything wrong with sugary treats! But I have low will power, and my desk is near the food-sharing counter, so I usually eat far too many.)

I am doing ok, I was off work this week, and finished the most top things on my to-do lists, both the "work and school" to -do list, and the "having fun because it's vacation" to-do list. So I'm not letting myself focus on how many other things I haven't gotten done.


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